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Alpha at Flying Mission Academy

Flying Mission Care runs the Alpha Youth Course at the FM Academy, a school where aircraft maintenance engineers are trained.  The Alpha Course helps participants explore the meaning of life through short impactful video clip presentations, games and small group discussions. Within the small groups we reflect upon questions of life by looking at different aspects of the Christian faith, revealing that Christianity can be every bit as relevant to life today as it was 2000 years ago. The Alpha class happens once a week and runs for 15 weeks. 

Participants shared the following statements about how the lessons had impacted their lives:

« I looked forward to Alpha lesson. The video, games and facilitators were really good. Always something fun to learn. We also got fed which is just good. »

« Before Alpha I had a lot of doubt and anger, I used to ask myself why I struggled so much in life but nowadays when doubt and anger emerge, I take a short prayer and calm down in minutes. »

 « I am thankful for the opportunity we got; shedding a light on where I stand as a Christian. It was always dark in that area but now I have received Jesus into my life Alpha has drawn me closer to God. It has built my faith in God and I have started praying more. »

« Alpha is easy and fun and yet so full of hard truths. I got comfortable with talking openly about tough topics. »