We are URGENTLY looking to fill the following volunteer (faith supported) positions. If you have other skills and a heart to serve we would be interested in hearing from you. Please consider partnering with us in this important work!






A successful candidate will: 

  • Come either long- or short-term, unless otherwise stated.

  • Have experience in the area for which they are applying – either professional or hobby level.

  • Come fully supported in both prayer and finances (FMZ does not provide a salary)


The MD acts as the chief executive officer of the organization. He or she must have a heart for mission work and be driven by a desire to serve others. Previous cross-cultural experience is a must as the FMZ team is multinational. 

Chief Pilot

(Aircraft Engineer)

The Chief Pilot motivates and develops the pilots and ensures safe and efficient aviation operations as well as coordinating with the flight scheduler. This position requires a lot of experience.


Operations Manager

As the Aviation Operations Manager your role includes ensuring safe operations for flight and maintenance.  You will lead aviation team through the chief pilot, maintenance manager, and quality/safety manager.


Being a highly skilled professional to provide the pilot with a safe and reliable aircraft. Requirement: Aircraft Maintenance License.


Pilot/Aircraft Engineer

Being a highly skilled professional with good people skills is paramount as you "Serve those who Serve" in remote Zambia.


The primary role of a pilot at FMZ is to deliver peace of mind to our passengers. When our passengers know they can trust you to get them to their destination safely, you know you have been successful. Being a highly skilled professional with good people skills is paramount as you "Serve those who Serve" in remote Zambia.


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