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Aircraft Maintenance is one of our most limiting factors when it comes to servicing the mission community.  We currently have to say no to good opportunities because we lack the personnel to do more than maintain our own aircraft.


We use airplanes to move people and supplies to rural communities. These airplanes need regular maintenance to keep them safe and legal. To that end Flying Mission is a Zambian Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA) Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO). Our aircraft engineers are licensed in Zambia to inspect and sign off on maintenance.

Our maintenance focuses primarily on Cessna single engine piston products. Maintenance at its foundation consists of routine inspections mandated by the manufacturer (in our case Cessna).


We maintain three of our own aircraft on an approved progressive inspection cycle. Every 50 hours of flight operations each aircraft undergoes an inspection of different parts of the aircraft. The whole cycle is completed in 200 hours of operation. One other partner aircraft is maintained on a 100/50 hour cycle.

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