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Flight Operations


FMZ is in the business of connecting the people of Zambia and the region with the God who cares. He is using people to reach people.

FMZ Connects

  • Expert medical staff with rural health facilities
  • Medical emergencies with life-saving care
  • Pastors with Bible training and support materials
  • Pastors and their wives with income-generating resources
  • Unreached or least-reached people groups with the Gospel
  • Practical ministries with the equipment/materials they need to do their job effectively in the bush
  • Missionary children with good education
  • Short-term volunteers with rural projects
  • Rural people with better communications
  • Missionaries with resources
  • New Christians with Bible teaching
  • Local people and children with Jesus Christ
  • Government organisations with their development projects in rural areas

We are constantly being asked to support in new and different ways. It is by our own lives and by helping our fellow workers to be effective in their areas of expertise that we share in spreading the great news of salvation through Jesus Christ.


FMZ flies in all 10 provinces of Zambia, and we have partner organisations (see our Partners page) that operate in most provinces. We also undertake international flights for our partners. Our planes are permanently located at our main base in Chilongolo, 15 kms from the capital city of Lusaka (see Location page).

Chilongolo Base

The Chilongolo base sits on a 25 acre site crossed diagonally by the registered airstrip of 800 metres. We have a large modern purpose-built hangar on site, with offices and maintenance area under construction.

Also on site are the Connections Guesthouse, some staff houses, FMZ offices, storage, and workshop facilities. Further development of the site is in long term planning.

We are blessed by the staff of Zambian men and women who care for the day-to-day running of the base: in the guesthouse, in the site development programme, and with maintenance of vehicles and other equipment.