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Maintenance Operations

FMS has been repairing and maintaining aircraft in Botswana since being granted an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation License (AMO) in 1990. At this time FMS is one of three AMOs in the country that is licensed to maintain private aircraft. In addition to maintaining the FMS fleet of aircraft, there are many other companies and individuals who send their aircraft to FMS for routine maintenance, regular inspections, engine repairs, airframe upkeep, and sheet metal work. Aircraft maintenance and repairs are another valuable source of income for FMS, and these efforts help to fund other mission work.

At FMS we are excited about the tremendous potential the maintenance programme has for expansion and income generation.


Gaborone Maintenance Programme – As the needs in Botswana have dictated an increasing reliance on turbine aircraft, FMS has struggled to keep up in the maintenance department. Maintenance on turbine powered aircraft requires expensive specialised tools. There is a growing need for a turbine aircraft maintenance facility in Botswana and FMS is striving to obtain the resources that such a programme would require.

Maun Base Addition – Based on the excellent reputation FMS has in Botswana’s aviation community, several Maun charter operators have requested that FMS expand the maintenance operation by adding an additional maintenance base in Maun. Maun has a serious shortage of maintenance providers at this busy airport and the wait time for aircraft needing maintenance is a serious hindrance. FMS is looking into the possibility of adding this base sometime in the future.