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Flying Mission (FM) exists to serve and empower the people of Botswana, Zambia and the region. Flying Mission's Head Office works as a support for FM's operational departments - FMA, FMC, FMS, FMZ – so they can be more focused in their unique areas of ministry.

Flying Mission Head Office is comprised of the International Director and the Support Units which include:

  • Human Resources – HR takes care of all the support and paperwork required to bring in new personnel and to support the people already working with us. Some of the ways HR supports FM is through recruiting, handling immigration, dealing with personnel issues, and regularly corresponding with all personnel to keep them updated with FM news.
  • Information and Communication Technology – ICT keeps the computers and other electrics running problem free. Some of the ways ICT supports FM is through maintaining a strong firewall, troubleshooting computer virus problems, and maintaining a secure server that enables FM staff to share information.
  • Public Relations/Fund Raising – PR/FR manages the way FM engages the world. Some of the ways PR/FR supports FM is through the development of informational brochures, maintenance of the FM website, and by raising funds to sustain the work of all departments.
  • Finance/Administration – F/A handles the financial end of FM’s work: writing paychecks, helping to manage project budgets, and keeping track of FM's books. F/A is an essential component.
  • Prayer – This support unit ensures that every aspect of FM's work is covered in prayer. From distributing regular prayer updates and coordinating prayer meetings to spending a significant amount of individual time praying for FM's ministries. This unit persists in making sure that prayer is given its necessary and rightful place in enabling and empowering FM's work.

Flying Mission is also supported by our registered charities in the USA and the UK known as FM USA and FM UK. The Head Office maintains close links with their representatives who support FM through recruiting, fundraising, mobilising prayer and facilitating opportunities for others to hear about Flying Mission.

Additionally, the Flying Mission Head Office maintains a close link with several international groups that have played an important role in Flying Mission's success. Through FM's nearly 30 year history, these groups have been a constant source of support by providing personnel, funds, and many prayers.

We are thankful for the support of: